Here’s a few questions we’ve answered to help better understand the event:

What is an un-conference?
An un-conference is an open forum of discussion among like-minded people to exchange information and ideas rather than listening to a few key speakers in a traditional conference setting.

Where are the speakers and topics for this event?
The un-conference format allows us to choose our topics and speakers the day of the event. During the morning networking session, a team of attendees will set the schedule based on session forms submitted by attendees.

How long is a session?
Sessions are 45 minutes long led discussions by speakers. We recommend allowing at least 20 minutes for presentation and at least 20 minutes for Q&A for sessions. Speakers reserve the right to adjust timing as needed for their topic area.

What should I bring to this event?
Water bottle, note taking supplies, and comfortable dress is encouraged. Due to popularity, some sessions may be standing room only so be prepared to stand (or pivot) for a session if you’re really interested in attending.
Most important – Be prepared to connect with others.

Is lunch provided?
Lunch is on your own. There are several options within walking distance of the venue. We recommend joining a group of attendees and continuing a conversation over lunch. Check out our recommendations.

I’m planning to speak at this event, what should I bring for my presentation?
BYOT = Bring your own tech. We’ll have displays, but laptop & connectors are the responsibility of the speaker.

Where do I stay?
If you’re not familiar with Richmond, this event is located in the heart of Richmond. While we’re no travel expert, here are a few of our recommendations.

Where do I park?
Ah, the joys of city parking. Here’s our list of recommended parking options.

Are you preparing for COVID-19 (coronavirus)?
Yes. An event communication went out to ticket holders 3/13 (check your email) and you can read our official statement.