Session Information

UXCampRVA is a unique event with a commitment to the user experience community. What makes this event special are the contributions from the community. In true Barcamp fashion, our program is completely created by the community for the community, every morning, on the spot.

If you are planning to give a session, or think about planning to give a session, or are on the fence about thinking about planning to give a session, here are a few tips to get you started:

Planning Your Session

Talk about something that inspires you or that you are passionate about. You’ll be surprised how many people might feel the same.

Try Something New

UXCamp is a great place to try public speaking when you don’t normally do it. It’s also a great place to try talking about something you don’t normally talk about. We value our diversity of speakers and topics and encourage everybody to get involved.

Choose a Format

You know best what works well for your session topic. However, these three types of sessions are common at UXCamp event:

  • A talk is a great way to explain a framework or a recent project you did.
  • A workshop is great for teaching a methodology or a technique in a hands-on way.
  • A group discussion is great to discuss a new idea or a new field of work.

Structure Your Session

If you can’t find a structure for your session, try this simple outline:

  1. What is the problem? Get everybody on the same page here.
  2. What is the solution? Paint a picture of the future, with as much contrast as possible.
  3. What should we be doing now to get to the solution? This is your chance for a call to action.

Include Your Audience

Plan for sufficient discussion time (about 15 minutes) in your session. People like to add their own experiences to the topic that you prepared and make your session even more insightful for everybody. Having a few discussion questions prepared will help conversations that can get stuck or grow stale.

Giving Your Session

Prepare Yourself

The best way to combat stage fright is to be prepared. If you plan to use presentation slides for your session, make sure your computer is charged and you have a backup of your presentation somewhere.

Prepare the Room

Bring everything you need for your session. All rooms in the venue are equipped with a projector and screen space. There are no flip charts, whiteboards, sticky notes, pens, etc. The projectors have connectors for HDMI and VGA – bring adapters, then bring some more.

Timing is Key

Every session is max 45 minutes. They are followed by a break to meet and network with your fellow attendees. Make sure your audience gets to enjoy these breaks.

Looking for inspiration?

Explore UXCamp DC’s previous sessions and perhaps you’ll find a topic you’d love to share with the Richmond community.